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Favorite painting I have made so far.  #1 in a series of kittens that I am working on.  On a giant piece of ply wood + acrylic paints.  Soon I will have prints when I get a better photo.
16” x 20” acrylic and marker original art painting by me, KittyCoy for sale now.  $68. Put it up on the wall, and think fancy, first world thoughts about yourself and your expensive coffee drink.  Click the photo to go to the photographed by Geoff Decker @ Hidden Vision Photography

Cat Gut Whuskey!  Original art, hand painted skateboard deck by KittyCoy for sale now on etsy.  The image was painted on a plain neon green skate deck with One Shot sign painter’s lacquer.  I made this board as one of  my submissions for the Boarded UP group show at City Arts Factory in Orlando, FL in the summer of 2012.  meeee-ow!

hot shiat!

feel good time by mt. furi